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Winners of the 16th International Mobile Gaming Awards

Sky: Children of the Light, The Gardens Between, COD Mobile, and more

The winners of the 16th International Mobile Gaming Awards were announced late last week. The online ceremony has been many months in the making, with each game being put through its paces by an international jury of mobile gaming experts.

If you’d like to watch the ceremony in full, you can do so below. And now, without further ado, here are this year’s winners in every category:

  • Best Quickplay Game – Archero
  • Best Meaningful Play – Dear Reader
  • Excellence in Innovation – What the Golf
  • Best AR Game – Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs
  • Best VR Game – Akron Attack of the Squirrels
  • Excellence in Audio Design – Alien Blackout
  • Best Technical Achievement – Call of Duty Mobile
  • Excellence in Storytelling – Forgotten Anne
  • Excellence in Game Design – Figment: Journey Into the Mind
  • Best Game for 5G – Dragon Raja
  • Jury Honourable Mention – Sayonara Wild Hearts
  • People’s Choice Award – Hados 2
  • Excellence in Art – The Gardens Between
  • Grand Prix – Sky: Children of The Light
  • Excellence in Gameplay – Call of Duty Mobile

It’s interesting to see Hados 2 take home the People’s Choice Award seeing as it’s currently only available in select regions. That one’s a fast-paced FPS pitched somewhere between Halo and Metroid Prime.

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