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Wide Ocean Big Jacket receives new story chapters

Update available now for Switch and PC

Wide Ocean Big Jacket, one of this year’s standout indie games, has just been updated with some extra story chapters on Nintendo Switch and PC. The Meryl and Alan chapters originally appeared in the game’s Ludonarracon demo, so it’s great to see them arrive in the full release.

But what of the iOS port? When will the update land there? Well, it looks like mobile players will have a slightly longer wait on their hands. When asked whether the update would come to iOS, developer Turnfollow replied, “That’s the plan. It’s gonna take a little longer to build the menus, etc.”

Wide Ocean Big Jacket, if you happened to miss it at launch, focuses on a brief camping trip. An aunt and uncle take their teen niece and her boyfriend away for the weekend, and over the course of maybe an hour or two, you gradually get to know each of them and enjoy their interactions as a largely passive observer.

It drew praise for its writing and warm nature, and while we never got around to reviewing it, it’s definitely a game I can recommend if you’re down for a short-and-sweet story told both charmingly and affectionately.

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I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what the extra chapters have to offer, and I’ll happily play through the whole thing again when they eventually arrive on iOS.

If you fancy giving it a go, you’ll find Wide Ocean Big Jacket available for download now from the App Store as a premium game priced at $3.99. Switch players can grab it from the Nintendo eShop

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