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V4 is an open-world MMORPG from Nexon, and its global iOS & Android

Release date still unknown

We’re not exactly lacking in expansive open-world RPGs nowadays, with the likes of Black Desert Mobile, Dragon Raja, and the upcoming Blade & Soul Revolution delivering a lifetime’s worth of PC-like looting and adventuring for mobile devices.

The latest contender on the scene is Nexon’s V4, another very expensive-looking RPG experience with a fantastical setting. Those with a device capable of running it will be chuffed to hear that V4 global pre-registration campaign is set to kick off next Thursday, June 25th (well spotted, Enduins).

At launch, you can expect to see six playable classes. The Knight sounds like a good all-rounder, boasting a classic sword and shield combo; the Magician can dole out impressive magical damage; the Blader is fast on their feet and good with a dagger; the Warlord wields a giant hammer capable of crushing any unlucky foes; the Axler mixes it up by hopping between long and short-ranged combat styles; and the Gunslinger is handy with a rifle and pistols.

Enduins also notes that the game offers five different camera modes to match your preference, a trading system, and PvP server battles. In terms of recommended devices, you’re looking at a Galaxy S7 or Apple iPhone 7.

The game will obviously have scalable graphical options, but a big part of the appeal with these games is their presentation, so you’ll want it to look as good as it possibly can.

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V4’s official site contains also no additional info at the moment, though we do have a new trailer and confirmation of when the pre-registration campaign will begin. As I say, you’ll be able to register your interest starting from June 25th.

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