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Top 5 FPS(Fast-Paced Shooting) Games For Hardcore Gamers

Here're some great alternatives to PUBG when you are fed up with playing the battle royale genre.

If you are fed up with playing battle royale games like PUBG or Free Fire, you can give following FPS games a try as they will have the same taste of action you are into. 

Blacklight: Retribution

Games 1
Blacklight: Retribution

This is also a FPS games just like CrossFire. However, it is more wonderful with the help of a cyberpunk backdrop that allows you to play with various game types, such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Domination. 

One feature that makes this game more outstanding is the Hyper Reality Visor that will support a see-through location of enemies and many weapon depots. In spite of its short-term availability, its effectiveness really worths your consideration. 

Combat Arms

Games 2
Combat Arms

Honestly, the gameplay of Combat Arms and CrossFire has many things in common. The most notable feature is that you will have to finish all the tasks assigned to boost up your level. 

In order to buy weapons and accessories in the game, you will need to use a kind of in-game currency namely Gear Points. This kind of currency can be achieved each time you level up or have successful objectives or enemies killing. 

Call of Duty 

Games 3
Call of Duty

Receiving a myriad of compliments for its high-speed as well as excellent gameplay and figures, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare totally deserves to have similar popularity as CrossFire. Also, it is played in the first-person view. 

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It seems that Exo Cloak – the feature that allows players to be invisible – is predominantly the most amazing function of the game. It is made to help you cope with enemies and available for both single-player and multiplayer campaigns. 

Line of Sight

Games 4
Line of Sight

Like CrossFire, this game is also free-of-charge allowing the first-person perspective. Its style brings about the taste of the military via interesting characters and its customizable weapons. Therefore, if you are a loyal fan of this genre, Line of Sight is exactly what you need. 

Black Squad

Games 5
Black Squad

Another military game, but more maps and game modes are offered. Especially, Black Squad is great for both casual and competitive gameplay. Moreover, the game also provides a great collection of weapons, over 85 firearms in particular. 

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