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The wonderfully creepy Creaks is this week’s Apple Arcade release

From acclaimed developer Amanita Design

Today’s surprise Apple Arcade release, Creaks, is the latest game from acclaimed developer Amanita Design.

It’s a wonderfully strange-looking puzzler where you’ll venture forth into a world of strange avian folk and monstrous furniture.

The gargantuan mansion below your own home is packed full of puzzles to solve and hidden paintings to uncover. Also, just to make matters worse for the no-doubt terrified protagonist, there’s a giant monster roaming around.

Its hand-painted visuals and animation work look unsurprisingly excellent, and if the team’s earlier work is any indication, we’re probably in for an incredibly atmospheric adventure, boasting an original score from composer Hidden Orchestra.

You’ll check Creaks available for download now over on the App Store.

Apple Arcade subscription to play, and one of those will set you back $4.99 per month or $49.99 for the year. Those already subscribed might find our complete guide for Beyond a Steel Sky to be of some use. Here’s a handy link.

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