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The Nimbus+ is an updated version of SteelSeries

It will boast an impressive 50-hour battery life

The Nimbus controller from SteelSeries has proven to be a popular controller since it first launched. But now SteelSeries has decided that it’s time for it to be replaced with a new, much-improved version that’s simply called the Nimbus+. It will retail for $69.99 on Apple’s website before coming to the SteelSeries webshop on May 26th May.

Now it will also have clickable joysticks and each charge will last an impressive 50 hours.

The triggers and buttons will also apparently ultra-responsive for a greater feeling of control when playing games. It’s great to see this available as standard rather than making the mount an additional payment.

Discussing Nimbus Craig Olson, President of Worldwide Mobile at SteelSeries said: “With its iPhone Mount and an amazing 50 hours of battery life, Nimbus+ is the ideal companion to games on the App Store and Apple Arcade that feature controller support such as Sneaky Sasquatch, Butter Royale and Crossy Road Castle.”

He added: “We’ve added many other new features, making controller the new global standard in mobile gaming performance.”

The Nimbus+ meets the standards Apple have set out for MFi standards. Therefore it takes advantage of all the features you would expect such as controller-supported game discovery, optimised button mapping and fast re-connections.

The Nimbus+ SteelSeries controller is available now for $69.99 on Apple’s website. Beyond that, it will go on sale on SteelSeries’ own online store on May 26th.

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