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Supremacy 1: The Great War is landing on iOS and Android

Bytro's follow-up to Supremacy 1914

Plenty of mobile games are designed to be played for months or years, but rarely do we see examples where a single in-game battle wages over days or even weeks.

That’s the idea behind the newly released Supremacy 1: The Great War, a real-time strategy MMO.

Given how long it can take for your plans to fall into place, it’s imperative that you consider your actions ahead of time and know when to adapt to whatever situation may situation.

Careful management of your armies and resources can take you far, but you’ll also have to be willing to align yourself with different players.

Likewise, it might be smart to cosy up to your enemies when the need arises.

Over time, you’ll acquire new technologies via research such as gas, U-boats, and dreadnoughts. Spies can also be deployed when subterfuge is your best available option, and diplomacy is another very valid tactic.

Thankfully, you can perform smaller actions such as moving your troops or building factories in a matter of moments, meaning you should always have both short and long-term goals to work towards.

Supremacy 1: The Great War is up for download now over on the App Store and Google Play. PC players can try its browser version via this link.

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