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Super Nova Boy is a vibrant 2D maze runner for iOS & Android

Set to launch later this year

Created by two-person indie developer Waken Games, Super Nova Boy is a fast, joyful 2D maze runner where you’ll work to traverse tricky levels before they’re gobbled up by a sort of sentient black hole, known as Collossavoid.

Drawing influence from Tomb of the Mask, Cyber Protocol, and Super Meat Boy, the team aims to build upon its inspirations while delivering an experience that feels fresh and mobile-friendly. The touchscreen controls couldn’t be simpler, with you being able to move Super Nova Boy up, down, left, and right. He’ll continue flying forward until he hits a wall (or, if you’re unlucky, a trap or enemy).

The game therefore demands that you devise your own spatial and directional strategies in order to overcome its many challenges. Though you can’t idle for long, as the ever-hungry Collossavoid is a constant, looming threat. This time pressure adds a real intensity to the moment-to-moment action.

You’ll also find teleports, hammers, and moving platforms as you continue to progress, which builds upon the core gameplay and creates miniature puzzles to solve. Thankfully, there are some handy power-ups to discover, too, including the ability to shrink Super Nova Boy down or become temporarily invincible.

Your primary objective is to seek out and save hidden characters known as elementals. Once found, they’ll push Collosavoid back and transform the world into a different biome. And all of this is only just scraping the surface of what Super Nova Boy has to offer, so be sure to check out the gameplay (with developer commentary) above for more info. And why not check out Waken Games’ Facebook page while you’re at it to stay on top of any future updates? 

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