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Super Glitch Dash is set to deliver hypnotic running action

Coming to Android and Google Play Pass first

Super Glitch Dash is a follow-up to one of the best runners in years, developer David Marquardt and publisher Rogue Games’ Glitch Dash. The big news today is that it’s set to arrive this summer as a premium title available at launch on Android and Google Play Pass.

The original game delivered intense, challenging running action with an abstract art style. Where most runners rely on randomised level design, the Glitch Dash series offers hand-crafted courses that feel fine-tuned and lovingly designed. This approach works incredibly well, and you’ll no doubt find yourself caught in a trance as the music, visuals, and fast-paced gameplay work their magic on you.

The level will regularly shift and transform, though you can always use warp pads, speed bursts, or trigger slow motion to help you along. Beyond the standard campaign, there is also an endless mode and an ominous-sounding nightmare mode. As you’d perhaps hope to see in a game that demands rapid reaction times, Super Glitch Dash targets 60 FPS.

Jon reviewed Glitch Dash at launch back in 2018, calling it “a seriously stylish, finely crafted runner that avoids most – but not quite all – of the genre’s pitfalls”, before awarding it an impressive Silver Rating. I should note that his main gripes revolved around the free-to-play monetisation, something that the premium Super Glitch Dash will obviously sidestep.

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Fans of the runner genre should definitely keep an eye out for this one when it launches for Android and Google Play Pass sometime this summer. And be sure to check out Marquardt’s Apple Arcade exclusive, Hexaflip, while you’re at it. Here’s a handy link to its App Store page. 

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