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Rumble Stars has unveiled the Mighty Mole Rumbler alongside a host of balance changes

The changes are an attempt to mix up the current meta

Frogmind Studios has unveiled a brand new Rumbler for its popular sports meets Angry Birds, Rumble Stars. Alongside this upcoming new character, there have also been several balance changes that look to shake up the meta considerably.

The Rumble Stars is called the Mighty Mole and players will be able to unlock him once they’ve managed to reach Sen Palace, 1st Division.

His energy cost is 2 and on the field, he can tunnel underground to avoid income projectiles from opposing Rumblers. He doesn’t shoot but will pass to his teammates.

As for the balance changes the biggest focus this time around was the on-field time of the Rumblers. Frogmind believe that too many characters were dying very quickly in comparison to those that use longer field time to their advantage. So they made the some changes:

Bouncer Bear

  • Hit Damage +6%
  • Stamina +5%
  • Sling Speed +5%
  • Max Speed +10%
  • Sling Distance -10%
  • Hit Force -18%


  • Energy 4 -> 5
  • First shot delay +50%


  • Chomp Damage +52%
  • Field Time 11s – 13s

Dashing Dear

  • Sling Damage +10%
  • Sling Distance +40%
  • Mass +10%
  • Pass Power +4%

Fake Ball

  • Field Time 18s – 15s
  • Stamina -40%


  • Field Time 23s – 31.5s

Lazy Panda

  • Field Time 18s – 15s

Lovely Shiba

  • Effect Radius stat added
  • Field Time 16.5s – 15.5s


  • Energy 4 – 3
  • Field Time 3.6s – 4.5s
  • Sling Speed +2%
  • Size -2%
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Mr. Fire

  • Explosion Radius stat added
  • Explosion Damage -8%

Mr. Mine

  • Speed stat added
  • Effect Radius stat added
  • Field Time 40s – 20s
  • Explosion Damage -24%
  • Effect Radius -3%

Royal Dung

  • Field Time 6s – 4.5s

Sniper Wolf

  • Field Time 19s – 21s

Tiny Tanuki

  • Field Time 14s – 15s

If you’re interested in a fun spin on a sports game, Rumble Stars is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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