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Ruffy the Husky: On Ice is a cool educational app for youngsters

Takes the lead on number and alphabet training

Ruffy the Husky: On Ice is one of three animal-themed educational apps from Tiny Fingers that aims to help youngsters learn through play. Available on iOS, this one focuses on shape recognition, number and alphabet training as well as teaching kids what sounds specific animals make.

It takes place against a polar backdrop where everything freezes and cracks. With the help of the titular puppy, Husky, players must reconnect picture pieces to solve educational puzzles. Along the way, they will learn how to pronounce the correct names for various shapes, numbers and letters of the alphabet.

There are tonnes of cute animal sounds and animations on offer to keep them stimulated, and the sense of progression it offers will ensure they stay engaged.

It’s all based on sounds and visuals, so no reading skills are necessary and the smart, auto-adaptive game difficulty will match with the child’s abilities.

So children can begin with their native tongue and even use the app to pick up some of the basics of a foreign language further down the line.

Available now on the App Store, Ruffy the Husky: On Ice is an ad-free app that allows users to try before they buy.

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