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Night Racer 2020 is heading for iOS and Android

Drawing inspiration from Micro Machines and Mini Motor Racing

Night Racer 2020 is the latest game from Smash Game Studios, who you might know from their other titles such as Galaxy at War and The Ultimate Heist. This time around they’ve made a racing game and it’ll be available for both iOS and Android tomorrow.

Night Racer 2020 is inspired by the likes of Micro Machines and Mini Motor Racing, meaning you’ll be burning rubber with miniature cars across a variety of tracks – 5 to be precise. As the name implies, these races will take place at night.

This, alongside some aesthetic design choices, gives the game a very cool, futuristic look with its glowing chevrons and bright vehicles set against a dark backdrop.

There will be eight different cars to choose from before you hit the track that will range from sports cars to vans and even buses.

Once you’ve picked your preferred ride you’ll be able to compete in three different gameplay types which are Championship Mode, Arcade Mode and Time Trial.

The AI you’ll be racing against sounds very impressive if it functions as intended. According to the developer, it will learn the way you drive and make adjustments to make it harder for you to succeed this way. For instance, if you like to drive very close to the edge of tracks to maintain a good line they will try to ram you off the course whenever possible. 

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The game promises to have simple controls that will consist of braking, accelerating and steering left and right.

Night Racer 2020 will be available on the App Store and Google Play on 20th May or tomorrow. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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