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Journey of the Broken Circle is an existential platformer

Journey of the Broken Circle is described as a game about falling in love where you play as a broken circle looking to fill its missing part. It’s a sweet premise that could maybe even turn sickly, but what’s certainly piqued my interest is that it comes to us from developer Lovable Hat Cult.

The team was also behind La Petite Mort, an interesting game that was removed for sale from the App Store for its sexual content. It aimed to be a sensual and artistic experience where you’d bring a series of highly pixelated vulvas to climax.

I realise that I’ve described it in potentially the dullest of terms, so I’d recommend actually watching some gameplay to see how its use of sound. It’s still up for download from Google Play.

Journey of the Broken Circle is an altogether different type of game, mixing together some light platforming and exploration elements. Hopefully this means that it won’t suffer the same cruel treatment as the developer’s earlier work.

We’ve known for a while that it’s in development for iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but it’s only just come to our attention that it’s expected to launch next month. The game’s Steam page currently lists its release date as September 18th.

If you’d like to read more about the upcoming title or any of Lovable Hat Cult’s earlier games, you can do so now over on the team’s official site. As I say, this one looks like a nice time, even with all of the heavy existential questions looming over the titular circle’s adventure. 

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