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Hellopet House is a casual management game for Android

There's also the mystery of your missing Grandma to solve...

Hellopet House is the latest game from Appxplore, who you might be familiar with if you’ve played the likes of Light A Way or Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen.

Their most recent endeavour, Hellopet House, is available now for Android in Early Access.

Hellopet House is a casual time management game where you’ll play as Jane who begins a renovation job on her Grandma’s old home with the intention of transforming it into a mansion.

Her Grandma is nowhere to been however, so there’s that mystery to solve too.

Jane is evidently much more interested in her repair job though so most of your time will be spent decorating rooms and obtaining keys to unlock other places around the house to redecorate.

She’ll also dabble in a little cooking, gardening and crafting along the way to give the place that homely feel. 

The most appealing part of the game, however, is that you can adopt a huge array of cats and dogs, effectively turning her Grandma’s house into an animal sanctuary.

You’ll also be able to bath, feed and play with your new pets which will further strengthen your bond with them.

The game starts with Jane meeting a repairman called Mr James before promptly finding her first pet hiding in the house.

Presumably, the story will develop further the more rooms you unlock, pets you adopt and characters you meet.

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Hellopet House is available now in Early Access on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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