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GameClub is available now for Android

It follows the launch of the iOS last year

After releasing for iOS last year GameClub is now also available for Android. If you’re unfamiliar it’s a subscription-based app that allows people to play older mobile games that have since been removed from their respective storefronts.

The subscription costs $4.99 per month but there’s also a one-month free trial available if you’d like to check out GameClub before putting any money down on the service. This subscription also allows up to 12 other family members to access the ever-growing library, which currently stands at 125 games.

One of the wonderful things about GameClub is that it will also mark the first time that some of these games have been playable on Android. For example, Raid Leader, Hackycat and Flick Fishing will all be making their Android. For a full list of the titles available on GameClub, check out the list on their official website.

Additionally, since you’ll create your own GameClub account to log into the game you’ll be able to use it across any of your devices. So regardless of if you own an iPhone and Android tablet or vice versa, you’ll still be able to access the library without the need for an additional subscription.

The aim of GameClub is to continually add games to the service over time in order to preserve some of mobile’s classic titles.

The library of titles that Game has is curated by Eli Hodapp, who was previously editor-in-chief at TouchArcade.

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GameClub is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a subscription service that costs $4.99.

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