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Final Fantasy VII Remake Made Me Climb 59 Flights of Stairs

Final Fantasy VII Remake is my first encounter with the classic roleplaying game

Final Fantasy VII Remake is my first encounter with the classic roleplaying game. I’ve been made aware of its story beats through word of mouth, in the same way I technically know about other cultural touchstones like The Godfather.

The stair-climbing sequence is iconic among Final Fantasy VII fans due to both the banter between the characters and the fact the game literally makes you climb 59 flights of stairs.

The scene plays out much the same way in Remake as it does in the original, but with a few key changes that act as a wink and a nod to old-school players.

The energetic theme that reflects the urgency of the rescue mission eventually distorts as Cloud gets more and more worn out. By the end, all three characters need to take a lengthy breather before moving on.

It’s here that Final Fantasy VII Remake also played a trick on me. Little indicators next to the character names show which floor they’re on, which led me to believe.

I could race Tifa and Barret to the top if I kept up the pace and took sharp corners.

He complains before even setting foot on the stairs and whines the entire way. I get it: It can’t be easy getting around when you have a huge gatling gun attached to your arm.

Just a few floors from the top, Barret caps off his complaints by childishly demanding to go back. I cracked up. Like, it’s almost over, my dude! Hang in there!

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Oh, and Tifa doesn’t use a slur about Barret’s cognitive abilities this time around, which is definitely a plus.

I’m still a little perplexed about Cloud and Tifa’s past together, but the barbs they share on the stairwell allude.

And Barret, for all his gratingly high energy, finally broke through my resolve and made me crack a smile.

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