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Far: Lone Sails is heading to iOS & Android later this year

Now open for pre-order

First launched back in 2018 for PC, Far: Lone Sails is a stylish and strange adventure game that puts you at the helm of a boat/train hybrid of sorts. The news today is that the game is making its way to iOS and Android later this year.

Here, the world around you is equally desolate and beautiful, with the dry desert ground beneath your feet having once housed a vast ocean.

As you progress, your vehicle will require regular maintenance if it’s to keep operating as normal. Tasks include managing your fuel supply, keeping your vehicle in decent condition, and finding alternate routes around potentially dangerous obstacles.

Poor weather conditions can also cause problems, so while the game is generally quite slow-paced, you’ll always need to remain on your toes to tackle any disasters that may arise.

Without your vehicle, you have nothing – no home, shelter, or companion of any sort. So, basically, don’t wreck it.

The game’s App Store page currently lists its expected release date as October 1st, though the official line is that Far: Lone Sails will launch in Q4 2020. You can also register your interest ahead of time over on Google Play. The iOS version is priced at $3.99. Switch players can grab it right now from the Nintendo eShop

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