Everything you need to know about Garena Free Fire Rampage II

Story details, peak day events, exclusive skins

Garena Free Fire latest Elite Pass is an exciting continuation of the hugely popular Rampage pass. In Rampage II: Uprising, the world of Free Fire is said to hang in the balance as two rival factions – the Bringers and the Liberi – battle it out over their differing beliefs on how to rid the world of evil. As always, there’s a lot to dig into here, so I’ve split everything into handy little subsections for your reading pleasure.

Will you side with the Bringers or the Liberi?

One of Uprising’s biggest draws is getting to decide which faction to align yourself with via a special in-game interface. You’ll then work to prove your loyalty to the cause by taking on missions and earning all-important Carnage Points. Though you’re not exactly acting selflessly, as putting in the work for your chosen side can earn you plenty of neat rewards, including the Famine Felon bundle, a range of M1014-Apocalyptic legendary weapon skins, Bringers’ and Liberi’s pins, and more.

You can see some of the designs in the artwork above.

“This challenge resulted in four new characters, Morana (death), Odin (war), Cyan (plague), and Bitez (famine), becoming the Liberi and the apprentices of Dee (death), Tyrian (war), Ivy (plague), and Munch (famine), the Bringers of Change.”

From there, the team worked to flesh out the cast and further develop the chaotic world that these fighters inhabit. “The last bit of the puzzle was integrating this incredible story into an in-game event that rewards players with choosing how the story unfolds, and of course, plenty of in-game loot!”

Pre-hype, peak day, and post-hype events

Peak day this time around with take place on July 4th, and you can expect four different events to take part in. Aftermath Drop will be exclusive to peak day and gives you the chance to obtain a permanent UMP: Cataclysm or Weapon Loot Crate at the end of every match played.

Plant Map Drop will run from the 4th to the 5th and sees you interacting with various plants dotted around each map. Doing so will make them grow bigger and drop special tokens. The more players interacting with the plant at once, the faster it’ll grow. 

The Friend Callback event will run from the 4th to the 8th and tasks you with inviting friends to the Rampage campaign for a chance to net yourself a Rampage Collection and 99 Weapon Royale Vouchers.

Then there’s the Rampage 2.0 game mode. This revolves around a new stronghold gameplay mechanic that requires you to capture and hold one of three points on the map while duking it out to become a superpowered Rampage Warrior.

If you’re a battle royale fan and are yet to give Garena Free Fire a go, you’ll find it available for download now from over on the App Store and Google Play as a free-to-play game.