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EVE Echoes final closed test will take place in early July

Only 20,000 places available

EVE Echoes, CCP and NetEase’s ambitious mobile adaptation of EVE Online, is set to have one final closed test before its global launch this August.

It takes place in an alternate reality version of its big brother’s universe, New Eden, and offers a sandbox spacefaring experience with countless paths and playstyles to pursue. Those looking for a time sink of epic proportions can expect dozens of hours of PvP and PvE battles and exploration within a practically infinite universe of 8,000 solar systems. It sort of goes without saying that that’s a lot.

You can opt to live the life of a miner, trader, space pirate, or perhaps a bit of each?

Following the announcement of Echoes’ release date, I spoke with CCP’s Hilmar Veigar Pétursson and Bing Xi, as well as NetEase’s Wei Su and Shicheng Zhou, to discuss their mammoth undertaking.

You see, Echoes doesn’t really aim to be a stripped-back, basic take on EVE Online, but rather a fully-fledged adaptation that, while making a few necessary concessions here and there, retains the scope and depth of CCP’s original.

Those looking to take part in the final closed test should know that only 20k players will be accepted – 10k iOS players and 10k Android players. Here’s a handy link.

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Those who don’t manage to sign up on time or would rather wait until the global launch will find EVE Echoes available for pre-registration now over on Google Play.

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