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Devil Hunter: Eternal War is heading for iOS and Android

A new adventure awaits.

Devil Hunter: Eternal War, a brand new MMORPG game by the folks at Century Game is out tomorrow for both iOS and Android players while it is currently available in the SEA regions. With it being an MMO, it will have a big world for you to discover.

The game is about a war between angels and devils, and it’s your job to try and take down the devils (hence the name “Devil Hunters”). You’ll have the ability to choose between four hunters, every with their own types of assaults to suit your tastes.

For the classic melee fighters, The Martial Saint is the choice for you and for the sorcery gamers, The Taoist Master shall be your best option where she will use deadly ice magic on her foes.

If you’re on the lookout for a distinct kind of magic, then go forward and grab the Arcane Luminary who can pulverize particular person enemies with devastating spells. Lastly, if you’re a player who prefers to have some range, then the Winged Illusionist is a great option for you.

As with many MMORPGs, you’ll explore and unlock mounts to ride on as you gallop around the world like a boss. And yes, pets are also part of the deal, so if you’re feeling a bit lonely in your journey, then you’ll have a good friend by your side.

There are lots of pets and mounts that you can have including a dragon or dinosaur among many other animals. Consider it or not, you’ll be able to even unlock a futuristic bike as a mount and show as much as battles in style.

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Like many modern, mobile MMORPGs Devil Hunter will have “Autoplay” which lends you a serving to hand, by killing monsters and doing day by day requests for you. You simply need to handle issues, however you needn’t worry as a lot about doing the dirty work per se.

There’s also a unique function referred to as “Excellent Immortal Couple”. This allows you to staff up with a companion (lover?) who will probably assist you obtain larger results and may take a load off of your shoulders. 

And of course, what’s an MMO without some good ol’ PvP action? Cross-server PvP shall be at your disposal the place you’ll be able to select team up or battle each other. 

Devil Hunter: Eternal War is available at no cost on Google Play and the App Store

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