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Dead Effect developer releases tech demo for TauCeti Unknown Origin

Available now for Android, iOS version under review

Dead Effect developer BadFly Interactive has now publicly released a tech demo for its wildly ambitious co-op sci-fi FPS, TauCeti Unknown Origin. The game drops you into a deadly jungle world full of horrific creatures out for your head.

From tropical rainforests and dangerous marshes to dry canyons, it sounds like a varied and visually stunning locale. Thankfully, you’ll have a neat-looking hoverbike to traverse this hellscape in style. 

You’ll also be able to upgrade your character and arsenal as you continue to progress. Each character build aims to offer a fairly unique combat experience, and with it being a co-op release, you can team up with your pals when things get a bit too hairy.

TauCeti Unknown Origin is said to be a spiritual successor to the hugely popular Dead Effect series, and in just about every way, it sounds like the team is aiming for this to be a huge step above those earlier games.

The demo available today was first shown off at Game Access 2018, where it won the People’s Choice award. You can expect to see two playable levels in the current version, character creation, and full controller support.

You’ll find the TauCeti Unknown Origin tech demo available for download now from Google Play.

The team has also released showreels for the game’s weaponsenemies, and hoverbikes

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