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Alien: Blackout and The Detail developer Rival Games has shut down

A distinctive studio says goodbye

Alien: Blackout and The Detail developer Rival Games gonna shut down.

Finnish developer Rival Games has announced its closure. The news arrives following the cancellation of its “smash-up of two 80s iconic franchises” by Universal Studios.

Most recently, the studio released its intense, Five Nights at Freddy’s-inspired Alien: Blackout. It was a polished and visually sumptuous title that earned generally positive reviews across the board.

Outside of Blackout, Rival was also known for its hyper-stylish Thief of Thieves and neo-noir adventure The Detail.

The former unfortunately never found its way onto mobile, though it will remain for sale on Steam after the studio’s closure, unlike the latter.

Which is set to be removed from both Steam and the App Store.

Blackout will also remain available for purchase for now priced at $0.99 over on the App Store and Google Play.

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